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The Anglican Province of America, our sister jurisdiction, will be hosting a national clericus gathering in Dunwoody, Georgia beginning Monday, January 27 and extending through Thursday, January 30. During the course of the week, the Reconciliation Committee, chaired by our own Bishop Langberg, will meet to discuss areas of practical agreement, such as canons and other aspects whereby our two churches may reach agreement. In addition, Bishops Haverland and Scarlett will join the bishops of the ACA and APA for informal discussions around areas of mutual cooperation. This is another in a series of meetings designed to promote eventual unity among Classical Anglicans. Bishops Marsh, Williams, Hiles and Langberg will attend from the Diocese of the Northeast. Please keep all in your prayers during this exciting time of opportunity for the members of Christ's church.

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The Reconciliation Group Article

Reconciliation Working Group of ACA and APA

Reconciliation Working Group of ACA and APA
The Right Reverend Chandler Jones, SSC -
The Right Reverend George Langberg -
The Very Reverend Walter Crites -
The Venerable Erich A. Zwingert, SSC, -
The Venerable Guy Hawtin -
The Very Reverend Canon Bartholomew G. Ryan, SSC -


Bishop Marsh, Presiding Bishop of the ACA and Bishop Grundorf, Presiding Bishop of the APA

Bishops Marsh and Grundorf


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