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Dear Friends in Christ,

We have been in contact with our sister jurisdictions and I would like to provide you with an update:

1. The Prayer Book Alliance has made a contribution of 300 prayer books to parishes who may wish to distribute them. Bishop Walter Grundorf has suggested that Bishop Robert Giffin's parishes may have that need. Bishop Giffin has indeed made that request and St Chad's Anglican Church in San Antonio will distribute the prayer books. Many thanks to Jan Mahood, President of the Prayer Book Alliance for offering these spiritual resources during a time of great material - and spiritual - suffering.

2. Archbishop Mark Haverland reports that two parishes may have financial and other material needs. Holy Cross, an ACC parish in Cleveland, Texas has apparently avoided any serious water damage, as it exists on fairly high ground. Unfortunately, no one has been able to get to the church to assess the status. The great fear is that the building may have sustained wind damage. Father Jim Monroe is the rector.

The Diocese of the Holy Cross has a parish in Cypress, Texas. Cypress was very hard hit by the hurricane, so it appears this parish may indeed need considerable help. Fr John Needham is the priest.

Should you wish to assist these parishes of our sister jurisdictions, please send contributions to: St Paul's Missionary Society, POB 5223, Athens, GA 30604. Mark: "hurricane relief."

Your Brother in Christ,




St John's Anglican Church


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